Fashion STYLE 2014

­­­­The onset of a new season brings in a chance to reorganise our wardrobes! Trends and Fads are all on high and listed for you! Here is a guide for all the high on fashion souls of the top five trends of 2014 fresh off the runway.

Fashion trends of 2014 pour in oodles of STYLE, your new magic word for getting it right almost every single time this season!

[h2]STYLE- Stripe Struck[/h2]

Bold and chic, stripes are back in fashion. They come in all sizes and types. Take your pick and boast any neon striped beach dress or cut it safe with the timeless black and white duo. Stripes are the best option for power defining androgynous look. Adorn vertical stripes for a slim and tall look or pair a striped shirt with a solid pastel jacket for a statement style. This season go crazy with an assortment of thicknesses and colours and orientation!

[h2]STYLE-Tom Boy[/h2]

Bomber jackets, crop tops, pleated skirts are all on the top of the charts. 2014 witnesses a long array of tailored garments and power dressing made to fall perfectly on the human form. This trend in combination with earthy tones and natural hues is all ready to set fire on the high fashion streets!

[h2]STYLE-Yours forever![/h2]

The tagline defines the much popular trend of DIY or Do it yourself! A mosaic trends and fads from all walks of fashion eras, DIY helps you give that couture touch to your entire vintage or ready to wear treasures! The look is more of crafty. Cute little lace trims, embroidery details, button hangings or appliqué patches are the favourites. This trend is not just any fad! It is an all time favourite since times immemorial. So get those scissors snapping and turn you most cherished jersey or an impulsively bought tunic into a trend setting piece!



Pave way to welcome the much coveted soft blush pinks and minty pastels. Georgettes and chiffons melted with pastel hues make the perfect eye candy this season. Summer dresses and breezy cocktail gowns are all dipped in these washed out colours of your favourite hues. Team up your favourite silhouette with a mint green or a powder pink for a ten on ten day event look. There is no worrying about the colour palette too for pastels easily fit into the power dressing forte as they do in the casual chi or a lovely Lolita pastry girl ensemble!


Sustainability has finally taken a hold of the fashion fraternity since the past one decade and is still ever-growing. With more and more organisations taking the green road, this season Eco Fashion provides a wide range of utility garments, natural colours and organic fabrics. Merino wool, breezy linen and hand spun cotton garments are coveted musts this season. Eco Fashion can easily be teamed up with pastel shades or earthy hues. Ethical hand printed and handcrafted indigenous fabrics are also a favourite with fashion sensitive nature lovers!



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