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Fashion for large sized women has become a booming business with online and offline stores like Shop the latest fashion at Autograph, sizes 14-26!. Stores that cater to large sized women with dresses, outfits and shoes. While women in this category are happy to have enough to choose from, for businesses there’s a huge potential for big profit.

Autograph Fashion

If you too fall under this category, you needn’t feel diffident about shopping anymore because you can now shop in comfort in stores dedicated entirely to your needs, whether you’re looking for knitwear, cardigans, parkas, shoes, accessories or lingerie. The staff at these places is courteous and helpful with suggestions and tips on the latest trends and will also advise you on what might suit you better.

Being large and fat doesn’t mean you choose clothes that are over-sized and that cover your body. Don’t wear such clothes as they may make you look dowdy. Instead, wear clothes that accentuate your best features while covering the not so good ones. Go for tunics that cover your arms and shoulders and give you a good fitted look. Team it up with dark-colored jeans that give you a trim appearance.

Though winter’s far away, you can use this time to invest in a good quilted jacket to keep the cold winter air out. Or a black drape jacket for formal evening wear would also look good on you. For informal evenings, a denim jacket would be ideal, so go for it. However, if you’re really outsized, you might like to take a look at some coatigans. Not only do they cover you well, you also look respectable in them.

If you’ve got a big ticket occasion coming up or you want to be ready for them, how about getting yourself a blue floral fit and flare mid dress that will liven up any environment. Alternatively, you could also think of getting  yourself a well-fitting black cocktail dress that’s simple yet effective.

However, it’s good to know that wearing black doesn’t mean that it’s the height of sophistication and by virtue of the color, the outfit is right for you. Unfortunately, black does not make you look slim or less fatter than what you are. Much depends on the fit, the cut, the tailoring and the style of the dress, more than its color.

And finally, here’s a tip: You may not be in love with your body right now, but you still have to dress to go out, isn’t it? Carry off yourself with confidence, no matter what your body type and end up looking desirable.





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