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Ae'lkemi - Cowl Front Gown

No matter how young you are or how old, if you want to enjoy life, you need to have a good wardrobe, lots of money and the time to go out and have fun. But to be outfitted right costs a lot, what with shoes and accessories too. A whole ensemble can cost you hundreds of dollars, even at a medium-range store, so if you were to have many more of the same, imagine the money you’d be sinking into this.
And why should you when you have a cheaper alternative. It’s called renting a dress. By renting a dress for an occasion, you will fulfill your needs for that event and at a fraction of the cost of a new dress on sale. You might never wear that dress again, but you do give the impression of having a wonderful wardrobe with all the latest fashion wear.
For some sites you can even rent dresses from top designers such as Alex Perry, Camilla, Badgley Mischka, Lover, Wheels & Dolbaby, etc. Choose floor length dresses, minis and knee length dresses that make you ready to attend a formal dinner, a cocktail party or a casual dinner with friends. You can also rent dresses to wear to the races, a wedding or even to work. And to accessorize your look, you can also rent matching jewelry, clutch bags, coats and jackets.
All you need do is to choose the dress you want to wear and the date you want it to arrive at your home. Keep the dress with you for five days and enjoy wearing it wherever you might go. When you’re done with it, just post it back to the store you got it from.
Why you should rent a dress:
• It’s highly affordable. You can get the best of outfits for about one-tenth of what you’d pay for in a high-end store.
• It’s cleaned before renting. Surely, you put your old, used dresses at the back of your cupboard, but here they are washed and only then put up for renting.
• You can be as trendy as you like. Keep up with the latest fashions by renting the clothes you love but can’t afford to buy and when the fashion passes, move on to the next ‘in’ thing.

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